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Bagpiper Hire For Weddings

Most people never forget the day they heard bagpipes at a wedding.

A bagpiper at your wedding brings a unique sound and atmosphere to make your special day even more spectacular.

Imagine . . .

The drones of the bagpipes start playing the beautiful melody of the wedding march, the guests in awe, the doors begin to slowly open, and as the bride takes her first step towards the one she loves,  making her way royally down the aisle.

Having bagpipes at a wedding ceremony ensures the bride’s grand entrance as she walks down the aisle to meet her groom.

Listen to the drone of our very own studio recorded wedding march…

Bagpiper Hire for Weddings
Bagpiper Hire for Weddings - SA Bagpiper

The bagpipes can also be played:

  • After the ceremony, while the newly married couple exit the chapel
  • While the guests congratulate the couple after the service
  • While the guests enter the reception area

At the reception, Bagpiper hire for weddings allows for a grand entrance for the couple after their wedding photos have been taken and this is a great time for the bagpipes to play some upbeat, festive music to commence the celebrations.

The bagpiper will play favourite Scottish tunes that everyone loves as well as traditional jigs and hornpipe tunes or a contemporary ballad or two.  This fills the atmosphere with tradition, celebration and fun.

Bagpiper Hire for Weddings - Piper
SA-bagpiper- Scottish pipers
SA-bagpiper-Bagpiper Hire for Weddings - Scottish Regalia
SA-bagpiper-Bagpiper Hire for Weddings - Tartan
SA-bagpiperBagpiper Hire for Weddings - weddings

A bagpiper will make your wedding unforgettable. . .